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Office Space on high traffic intersection Maple and Transit, with other medical professionals within intersection, ranging from several general medical practices, chiropractors, dentist, child therapist, orthodentist, massage therapist, Ayurveda, yoga and Meditation. 
Services such Doctors, IME Doctors, Acupuncture , Aesthetic, Wellness consultant, Homeopathy, and nutritionist, are good fits. 

Five total rooms. Currently 2 office/exam rooms available, large common receptionist area, large common waiting room or showroom, check-in and check out window. Two bathrooms. 

* Large treatment room (multiple clients) or workshop room.

• Taxes included • Water included, Electric included • Garbage included • Maintenance included
• Weekly cleaning of common area, bathrooms, and bathroom supplies included. Free WIFI available.

Call 716-691-5738 or E-mail : Shan@Harisa.co

Space for Rent