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"Abhyanga" is a type of massage in Ayurveda, which rejuvenates the nervous and muscular systems of the body and enhances the blood circulation. It is done by applying herbal oil on the body. The oil may differ according to the physical nature and the phycical condition of the person. 

Herbalized massage oils contain a blend of carefully chosen herbs known for their ability to strengthen the physiology and balance the mind.So the massage with an herbalized massage oil has twice the beneficial power. 
-- the benefits from the performance of the actual massage and the added healing wisdom of the herbs. 

Abhyanga is deeply relaxing and an experience your entire body. During Abhyanga, marma points (vital spots found in specific areas all over the body) will be stimulated which helps with detoxification and energy flow. It may improves lymph flow and boosts your immune system as well as simultaneously calming and strengthening the nervous system. 

Abhyanga may effective for the rheumatic patients and it also helpful in paralytic stroke, breathing problems, arthiritis, spondylitis, slip disc, nerves weakness, cramps and other disorder. 

Abhyanga (Warm Oil Massage)